Mastering the art of MOMENTUM

The secret to achieving effortless and enduring growth

We all love being on a roll, in sync and firing on all cylinders – that flow-state sensation where everything just seems to work.

But what happens when the groove becomes a rut, inspiration evaporates or your mojo disappears?

Enduring success and growth for any business today is dependent on building and maintaining unstoppable momentum.

As a leader, Michael’s message on Momentum is very relevant.


In this fast-paced & compelling keynote presentation, audiences discover:

    • The SCIENCE and ART of momentum – where it comes from and why it makes all the difference when you’ve got it working for you
    • The 5 ENEMIES of momentum – the early warning signs that many leaders and organizations ignore till it’s almost too late
    • The 3 DAILY LEADERSHIP HABITS that create effortless energy in a team or business

Audience members will leave this presentation with a clear action plan for getting into a groove but more importantly staying there.

Mastering the Art of Momentum is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day program.