The New Now - Preparing for the 10 Trends that will dominate a post-COVID world

Digital Book

Times of crisis create great opportunity for those that are prepared. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, smart leaders recognise that now is the time to gear up for what comes next. 

'The New Now' explores the 10 megatrends that will reshape our world, recast our economy and redefine everyday life in ways many of us can scarcely imagine.

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"This thought-provoking book offers a lightning-bolt of inspiration for future-proofing any brand. Michael’s insights are super fresh and are the perfect jump start for strategic planning."

Victoria Brown - Marketing Director, Swarovski

As a digital publication, 'The New Now' (RRP$19.95) is available on all major eBook platforms including Kindle and Apple iBooks.


The Case for Character


In this age of transparency, consumers are demanding ever-greater trustworthiness and values-alignment from the brands and businesses they engage with. 

Looking at the latest consumer research and case studies of best practice from around the world, this new book from business strategist Michael McQueen explores:

  • Why the marketplace today is more skeptical and discerning - and how this creates an enormous opportunity for those that are prepared
  • How purpose-driven brands have proven to be more lucrative, loved and longer lasting than their competitors
  • A game plan for building or rebuilding trust through credibility, consistency, clarity and congruence

“Trust is the most important currency today. Michael brilliantly examines four simple strategies to build a trusted and lasting brand. An enlightening read for everyone in corporate brand building.”

Jürgen Kohnen - Director of Retail Innovation, Procter and Gamble, Germany


How to Prepare Now for What's Next


Be ready for the future or be part of the past.

Disruption looms large on the horizon and no organisation, institution or individual will be immune.

So how can you survive the upcoming storm and stay one step ahead of change?

This landmark book gives you powerful insights into the disruptions that lie ahead along with a proven game plan for surviving and thriving in turbulent times. 

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“Michael does a superb job of simplifying the complex and provides leaders with a structured approach they can follow in order to stay one step ahead of disruption.”

Mark Merritt - Associate Director, KPMG


Teaching for Tomorrow (Paperback)


As we brace for a perfect storm of technological and social change, the need for educational transformation has never been greater.

In this research-rich book, Michael explores:

  • The 10 megatrends that will dominate the coming decades
  • 4 ‘capability gaps’ in today’s students that may leave them ill-equipped for what lies ahead
  • The key paradigm shifts educators will need to make to remain relevant in turbulent times
  • A range of proven strategies for making innovation and agility part of the DNA in education 

 “This book is a must-read for any educator or administrator who wants to stay ahead of the inevitable change we all must face in the near future. I fully endorse it.”

Dr. Ian Lillico - Churchill Fellow & Executive Director of BoysForward Institute


Momentum: How to Build it, Keep it, or Get it Back


When it is working for you, momentum can be your biggest asset and your best friend. However, when you start to lose your mojo and get into a rut, turning things around requires a specific set of skills and understanding.

This simple and powerful book will show you how to build and keep unstoppable momentum in both business and life. You will discover the secrets of lasting growth and vitality while learning how smart individuals and organizastions stay on a roll and at the cutting edge.

"This book provides a roadmap for creating the energy that is needed to fuel organizations that don't want to fall behind."

Steve Vamos - Fmr Vice President, Microsoft Australia & New Zealand


Winning the Battle for Relevance


This new release explores why many of the world's most iconic brands are becoming obsolete and offers tips for leaders and organizations committed to avoiding the same fate.

In an unprecedented era of upheaval, this timely book offers practical and proven strategies for staying ahead of the curve and the competition as times change.

"One of the best business books I have read. Full of excellent advice for businesses of any size."

Andrew Robertson - Chief Business Reporter, ABC News


The 'New' Rules of Engagement


This revealing bestseller looks at the key factors shaping youth culture around the world and offers strategies for parents, employers and educators looking to engage the next generation.

It is a must-read for business leaders, educators and parents looking to engage and equip the next generation of young people.




This keepsake journal features over 180 questions designed to help parents pass on practical insights and life lessons to future generations.

This title follows on from "Memento" and is a keepsake journal featuring over 180 questions designed to help parents reflect on and record the practical lessons they have learned in life. "Wisdom" is the ideal way to record the things many parents hope to teach their children but never come up in conversation.


Engaging the 21st Century Learner - DVD


This DVD series by leading Australian educationalist Michael McQueen features 4 live presentations focussed on equipping today's teachers to engage tomorrow's learners.


Engaging the Next Generation in Rotary - DVD


This 2-DVD program is deisgned to give local Rotary clubs insights and strategies for engaging the next generation of members.

With just 11% of its members under the age of 40 and the average age of many clubs approaching 65, Rotary is facing a demographic crisis in the years to come.


The Next Wave - Audio CD

Audio CD

Designed exclusively for the direct sales sector, this unique and practical 6 CD program highlights:

  • The 7 reasons Gen Y represent such an exciting opportunity for direct selling
  • The core beliefs that define Gen Y and make them so different to older generations
  • Over 3 CDs jam-packed with proven strategies for engaging young people in your business

As an added bonus, purchasers of 'The Next Wave' also recieve a free eResource CD featuring further reading and a 40-page workbook.


Teaching for Tomorrow (PD Training Curriculum)


This comprehensive new PD training curriculum features a range of live presentations from Michael designed to be run locally over the course of a year with teaching staff groups. 

It explores the key themes of Michael's book "Teaching for Tomorrow" and identifies the key trends that will shape the world of tomorrow while providing a blueprint for ensuring our schools, students and educational systems are fit for the future.

To view a 5-min video overview of is program, click here.

"This program gives us a powerful glimpse of the future. It is essential material for any who wish to ensure their educational offering remains relevant in the years ahead." Dr. Tim Hawkes, OAM

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