The 'New' Rules of Engagement - Audio CD

The 'New' Rules of Engagement - Audio CD

Audio CD

This 4-disc audio edition of The 'New' Rules of Engagement is a verbatim recording read by Michael McQueen.

WHO ARE GENERATION Y? To some they are the tech-savvy, well educated and ambitious youngsters poised to take on and change the world.


Others, however, describe a disloyal, disrespectful and demanding generation who have never learned to wait or really work hard for anything.

Born between the early 1980's and the late 1990's Generation Y has certainly caused a stir in recent years. Parents, teachers and business owners alike face the challenge of understanding and engaging a generation who have essentially grown up in a different world.

In this ground-breaking bestseller, you will learn how the era into which you are born has a profound effect on your perceptions and worldview. Building on this understanding, you will begin to see why Generation Y are so different and discover some powerful strategies for engaging them be it at home, in the classroom or at work. Get set for an entertaining, revealing and insightful look inside the minds of today's young people.

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