Teaching for Tomorrow (PD Training Curriculum)

Teaching for Tomorrow (PD Training Curriculum)


This comprehensive new PD training curriculum features a range of live presentations from Michael designed to be run locally over the course of a year with teaching staff groups. 

It explores the key themes of Michael's book "Teaching for Tomorrow" and identifies the key trends that will shape the world of tomorrow while providing a blueprint for ensuring our schools, students and educational systems are fit for the future.

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"This program gives us a powerful glimpse of the future. It is essential material for any who wish to ensure their educational offering remains relevant in the years ahead." Dr. Tim Hawkes, OAM

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Over a century ago, the great educationalist John Dewey remarked, “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” This insight is more relevant today than ever before.

As we brace for a perfect storm of technological and social change, the need for educational transformation has never been greater.  

In this landmark Professional Development curriculum, 6-time bestselling author and trends forecaster Michael McQueen delivers 4 live presentations which explore:

Session 1: The 5 megatrends that will dominate the coming decades (58 mins)

Session 2: 4 ‘capability gaps’ in today’s students that may leave them ill-equipped for what lies ahead (65 mins)

Session 3: The 4 key paradigm shifts educators will need to make to remain relevant in turbulent times (58 mins)

Session 4: 5 proven strategies for making innovation and agility part of the DNA in education (61 mins)

The time is now to ensure our educational practices are fit for the future - and that our students are too.

To watch a 5-min video summary of this program click here.

Featuring accompanying facilitator notes, digital worksheets, and both DVD and MP4 recording formats, this curriculum is specially designed to be a teacher training resource for individual schools or learning communities.

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