Engaging the Next Generation in Rotary - DVD

Engaging the Next Generation in Rotary - DVD


This 2-DVD program is deisgned to give local Rotary clubs insights and strategies for engaging the next generation of members.

With just 11% of its members under the age of 40 and the average age of many clubs approaching 65, Rotary is facing a demographic crisis in the years to come.

It is critical for clubs and Rotarians the world over to embrace the challenge of engaging the next generation of members.

In this landmark 2-DVD live program, leading youth trends expert and past RI Convention plenary speaker Michael McQueen explores:

  • The 3 key reasons young people are ideally placed to join an organization like Rotary
  • Research looking at why they are not currently joining as members
  • The 3 key challenges clubs will face in working with younger Rotarians
  • 5 simple and effective strategies for clubs looking to engage younger members 

Each DVD runs for approximately 25 minutes and is designed to fill the 'speaker' spot' at 2 consecutive club meetings in order to spark ideas and discussions at a club level.

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