Engaging the 21st Century Learner - DVD

Engaging the 21st Century Learner - DVD


This DVD series by leading Australian educationalist Michael McQueen features 4 live presentations focussed on equipping today's teachers to engage tomorrow's learners.

Designed to be a full year's professional learning for educators, the four presentations build on each other sequentially over the course of 12 months.

Session 1: Shift Happens - The Changing Face of Education. In this presentation, Michael explores the 5 shifts that have fundamentally changed the process and notion of learning in recent deacdes. [39 mins. duration]

Session 2: The Shape of Things to Come. This second session highlights 3 key trends that will influence education in the near future. These include changes in the nature of students, the climate of the classroom, and the expectations of parents. This session focusses specifically on how screen time and social networking are influencing tomorrow's students plus how these are impacting on mental health, bullying and resilience. [36 mins. duration]

Session 3: 21st Century Teaching and Learning. In this session, Michael dispels three common student engagement myths and outlines 6 keys to engaging the learners of tomorrow. [53 mins. duration]

Session 4: Navigating the Generational Maze. This final session explores the critical importance of understanding generational diversity in an educational context. [38 mins. duration]

In addition to the 4 full-length DVDs, this series also includes a bonus CD featuring participant worksheets for each presentation plus articles and further reading resources for educators.

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What others have said

"Michael powerfully challenged our mindset as educators and assisted us in developing some powerful new approaches to the work we do as teachers."
Dr. Mark Carter, Killara High School


"Michael McQueen offers a fascinating and entertaining insight into the modern generation of students"
Liam King, The Australian International School Singapore

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