How smart leaders and organizations re-invent themselves before change forces them to

Every brand and institution today is facing a perfect storm of technological disruption and market upheaval. As traditional business models and industry structures come under increasing threat, agility and adaptability are more important than ever.

The future success and survival of many businesses and organizations will rest on their ability to anticipate, prepare for and even pre-empt change.

This captivating presentation has certainly triggered some new thinking in our organization.

Randstad Recruitment

In this cutting edge & compelling keynote presentation, audiences discover:

  • The 5 IMPENDING DISRUPTIONS that most leaders and organizations are ignoring at their peril
  • How to foster the MINDSET and CULTURE required to drive INNOVATION and AGILITY within a team
  • The key HABITS and STRATEGIES that separate the ENDURING from the ENDANGERED

Audience members will leave this presentation with an action plan for navigating the turbulent times ahead and emerging stronger than ever.

Indisruptable is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day program.