The next generation are already here - are you ready?

If you have you ever found yourself confused, frustrated or even offended by the attitudes and expectations of today’s younger generation, you are not alone.

Employers, leaders and educators often describe this group as being technology addicted, impatient, unfocussed and disrespectful.

Having conducted arguably the world’s most extensive research into the defining attitudes and values of Gen Y, Michael McQueen is ideally placed to help audiences de-code this group.

A fascinating insight into the modern generation of students.

Australian International School, Singapore

In this entertaining & engaging keynote presentation, Michael explores:

  • The FOUR LIES you have been told about Generation Y
  • The KEY CHALLENGES older generations face in communicating with & leading today’s youth
  • PRACTICAL STRATEGIES for engaging, motivating and equipping the next generation

Audience members leave this presentation with powerful insights into what is shaping Gen Y along with a game plan for engaging them in meaningful ways.

De-Coding the Next Generation is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day program.