Wed May 5 2016
In the mid-1800s, vast tracts of land in central Australia were granted to immigrants who had, in many cases, just arrived from Europe. These farmers and pastoralists found themselves with a challenge – they were now in control of expanses of land that were, in some cases, almost as large as the countries they had just come from. READ MORE
Wed May 5 2016
When German political economist Max Weber first devised the bureaucratic theory of management in the late 19th century, his intention was to combat the nepotism and unproductiveness rife in the family-run businesses of the day. Weber believed that efficient organizations needed to ‘have a strict hierarchy or authority, clear rules and regulations, standardized procedures and meticulous record keeping.’  Ironically, the very organizational approach that set out to drive efficiency has, over time, resulted in the opposite outcome. READ MORE
Wed May 5 2016
Once upon a time, it was a student who got nervous in the lead-up to parent-teacher interviews. Nowadays, the person often getting most anxious is the teacher! READ MORE
Fri Nov 11 2015
As we stare down the barrel of a new year, it’s only natural to wonder what 2016 will hold. One certainty is that the world will look different in 12 months time. For some businesses and professions, these changes will be an updraft that will propel them to ever greater heights. For others, the changes ahead will feel like disruptive headwinds blowing them off course or at least making life less pleasant. READ MORE
Fri Oct 10 2015
Speaking at a recent Global Access Partners event focussing on the workplace of the future, I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with co-founder of Atlassian Software, Mike Cannon-Brookes. READ MORE
Mon Sep 9 2015
Winning the battle for personal relevance. As new technologies continue to change the pace and nature of the workplace, individuals face the ever-growing challenge of remaining ahead of the curve. Added to this, the constant influx of agile and hungry talent means that existing team members must continuously look to demonstrate their value proposition to employers. Longevity, credibility and experience are no longer enough. To become a stand out performer in the workplace, individuals must remain in-touch and indispensable. READ MORE
Thu Nov 11 2013
With the next crop of school leavers about to flood into the 'real world', here are 5 truths they must be told (and may not have learned at school) READ MORE
Thu Nov 11 2013

Why I deleted Facebook

By Michael McQueen
I recently took the bold step of deleting Facebook... and the experience was incredibly revealing. READ MORE
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